These Children Are Looking For Their Forever Homes

Trauvana, 12
Photographer: Susan Heggstad

Trauvana is a sweet, affectionate child who enjoys helping others. She also enjoys reading, playing outside, and riding her bike. At times, Trauvana struggles with peer interactions and she has difficulty regulating her emotions. She is working very hard on these issues and has made great progress. Trauvana shares a close relationship with her siblings who reside in different homes. She would very much like to find a loving family who will support her need to maintain those sibling connections.

Savion, 8
Photographer, Stacey Kennedy


With Savion you are never sure who you are going to get.  One minute he is dazzling you with his moves on the basketball court and the next he is entertaining you with some jokes and a song and dance routine. Savion can be stubborn and strong-willed, but he is also humorous, caring, and likeable. Savion hopes to find a forever family who can appreciate his many strengths, yet has the patience to help him overcome his challenges.

Gabriel, 11
Photographer:  Sarah Mertyris


To say Gabriel has an abundance of energy, may be a bit of an understatement. The good news is he loves to channel his excess energy into a variety of activities.  He loves most sports, but his true passion is basketball.  He also enjoys trips to the gym and playing video games – but then again, what 11 year old boy doesn’t?  Gabriel requires a lot of supervision, but responds well to structure.  He is yearning for both a mom and a dad and would likely do best with an active family who has the wherewithal to keep up with his non-stop pace.

Isaiah, 13
Photographer: Kristin Bicocca

Isaiah is described as a shy, friendly young man. He is a typical teen who enjoys participating in community activities that allow him to engage with other youth his age, such as organized sports and camping trips. Isaiah likes school and with additional educational support, is meeting his academic goals. His favorite subject is Science. Isaiah would like to find a family with older siblings, where he can be "the baby" of the family and where he has the opportunity to grow into a strong, independent adult.

Duivan, 9
Photographer: Stacey Kennedy

Duivan is described as an “old soul” in a young boy’s body. Despite all he has seen and experienced in his young life, he retains the ability to get enjoyment out of each and every day.  Duivan has an infectious personality and a great sense of humor.  He likes to be the center of attention, but does not always handle frustration well. Duivan is looking for a loving family who will help him channel his considerable energy in positive ways.

Walter aka "Wally" 8
Photographer: Sarah Mertyris

Wally has the face of an angel, but underneath that angelic exterior has a mischievous streak. Wally is silly, fearless when it comes to new experiences, and very active. He loves basketball, baseball, and pretty much any activity that keeps him moving. Wally also has some challenging behaviors that require a great deal of attention and supervision. Wally would love to find a family with plenty of love to give and enough energy to keep up with his high octane approach to life.

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