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These Children Are Looking For Their Forever Homes

Kyra, 13

Photographer:  Kristin Bicocca


Stand back America’s Got Talent and American Idol - here comes Kyra and she will steal your heart with her high spirits and bubbly personality Kyra loves to sing and dance and she is very at home in the spotlight.  But there is so much more to Kyra than her love of performing.  She craves adult attention and is anxious to please.  In many ways, Kyra seems younger than her stated age.  She has a number of services in place and is looking for a forever family that can nurture the performer in her while supporting her through her many challenges.


Savion, 10
Photographer, Stacey Kennedy


With Savion you are never sure who you are going to get.  One minute he is dazzling you with his moves on the basketball court and the next he is entertaining you with some jokes and a song and dance routine. Savion can be stubborn and strong-willed, but he is also humorous, caring, and likeable. Savion hopes to find a forever family who can appreciate his many strengths, yet has the patience to help him overcome his challenges.

Kala, 12

Photographer:  Kristin Bicocca


Kala is described as creative, energetic and fun-loving.  She likes to talk, laugh, color, play games and hang out with her friends.  In short, she is a typical young girl hovering on the brink of adolescence.  Kala struggles in school and sometimes has difficulty managing her behavior and emotions.  She is working hard with a team of professionals to address these issues.  Kala has experienced a good deal of instability in her life and longs to find a loving family she can finally call her own.


Demarcus, 9

Photographer:  Karen Diffley


Although only eight years of age, in some ways Demarcus appears to be an old soul in a young boy’s body.  He is described as kind and caring.  He displays good manners and likes helping others.  He attends church on a weekly basis and enjoys participating in church related events and activities.  On the flip side, Demarcus is very much a little boy who loves basketball, football, Legos, and Beyblades.  Two sides of the same coin – different and yet totally compatible.  Demarcus has experienced a good deal of trauma in his young life and would benefit from a stable, loving home where he can both heal and thrive.


Duivan, 12
Photographer: Stacey Kennedy

Duivan is described as an “old soul” in a young boy’s body. Despite all he has seen and experienced in his young life, he retains the ability to get enjoyment out of each and every day.  Duivan has an infectious personality and a great sense of humor.  He likes to be the center of attention, but does not always handle frustration well. Duivan is looking for a loving family who will help him channel his considerable energy in positive ways.

Billy, 9

Photographer:  Diane Orciuoli


In many ways, Billy is like a superhero in a little boy’s body.  Although he has significant developmental needs and visual impairment, he does not let these challenges interfere with his exploration of the world.  Billy is described as sweet, likeable and very courageous.  Like a superhero, he will take on practically any activity and he does so with grit and determination.  Billy hopes to find a family willing to look past his special needs and provide him with the love and security of a forever family.


Jason, 9

Photographer:  Diane Orciuoli


There are so many dimensions to Jason, it is hard to know where to begin.  He is a great fan of anime, but he is equally drawn to Rubiks Cubes and basketball.  Oh, and Jason LOVES strawberries and donuts.  Jason can be slow to warm up to new people but once he does, he can be friendly and engaging.  Jason does have difficulty handling frustration and school has been a challenge for him.  However, with the proper support and interventions, Jason has the ability to progress. Jason would benefit from a family with the patience and wherewithal to help him work through his complex issues in order to become the happy, content child he is meant to be.


Felipe, 14

Photographer:  Kristin Bicocca


Felipe is a child with significant medical, developmental and neurological special needs.  He requires the support of multiple professionals to ensure his needs are met and that he has the opportunity to reach his maximum potential.  Over the past several months, Felipe has made considerable progress in his behavior, gross motor skills, communication, and adaptive skills.  While his special needs may be daunting, his recent progress would indicate that given the right family, Felipe has the potential to progress and thrive. Felipe has few permanent connections and is seeking that special family with the ability to look past the special needs and see the child within.

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